Broad General Education 


The BGE comprises of S1, S2 and S3. Throughout the BGE, all classes follow a common course that ensures full CFE benchmark coverage while offering opportunities for students to challenge themselves, enjoy their learning and develop their skills. These units of work and their assessed outcomes are detailed below.


Unit 1: Let the Games Begin

Reading assessment

Listening assessment

Collaborative writing

Group presentation

Persuasive writing



Unit 2: “Abomination” 

Group discussion (internet safety)

Critical essay (“Abomination”)

Personal reflective writing (relationships)

Unit 3: “Frankenstein” Drama Study

Monologue writing (Monster’s point of view)

Critical essay (“Frankenstein”)

Once per week students will have a Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (R:UAE) lesson. In this lesson they will learn a variety of reading skills and put these to the test by completing collaborative and individual reading tasks.

Once a week students will attend the library where they will participate in a personal reading programme which gives them the chance to gain a bronze, silver or gold award.

Unit 1: “Jaws” Media Study

Critical essay (“Jaws”)

Create an attack scene

Personal reflective writing (Fear)


Unit 2: Edwin Moran Poetry Study

Textual analysis assessment

Group discussion (animal rights)

Persuasive essay (animal rights)


Unit 3: The Holocaust Unit

Creative writing (create a comic)

Peer interviews

R:UAE (‘The Anonymous Girl’)

Unit 4: “Noughts and Crosses” Drama Study

Script writing

Monologue writing

Listening assessment

Critical essay

Students will continue the R:UAE and Personal Reading courses. These will be done on alternating weeks for 1 period per week.

Unit 1 – Design an Amusement Park

Job application writing

Group presentation



Unit 2 – “Stand by Me” Media Study

Critical Essay

Personal Reflective Essay

Unit 3 - Poetry Study

Textual Analysis assessment

Unit 4 – “The Outsiders” Novel Study

Group discussion

Critical essay

Persuasive essay

NB: Following Unit 1 students will sit an SQA National 4 Literacy assessment. If they pass this they will sit the National 5 Literacy assessment in June and if they do not there will be further  opportunities to re-sit.