Religious and Moral Education - Core Courses

All pupils follow Common Courses in Core Religious and Moral Education as set out in the National Catholic Guidelines for RE. Every year group also follows the Called to Love programme, covering the Catholic National Guidelines on Relationships and Moral Education.

In S1 and S2 this is according to the outcomes and experiences in the Curriculum for Excellence. The first two years focus on Christianity and Other World Religions.

Our S1 have the opportunity to undertake a one-day educational visit to Carfin, Scotland.

In S3 and S4 the course is in keeping with the Guidelines set out for Catholic Schools and incorporating 2 SQA National 4 Units: S3-Morality in the Modern World- Medical Ethics and S4- The Existence of God.

In S5 the course is set according to Catholic Guidelines and again incorporating a SQA Higher Unit “Morality in the Modern World – International Issues- Globalisation.”

Our S5 have the opportunity to undertake an educational trip to Rome, in the last week of June, which include the Papal Audience. The trip has been running annually since 2010.

In S6 the course is in keeping with the Guidelines set out for Catholic Schools. Students also complete 2 SQA units on Psychology and Capital Punishment. The pupils are rotated between RE teachers every 10 weeks each teacher is responsible for a different aspect of the overall course.

RMPS HIGHER is offered every year for all S5 and S6 students.

S6 students have the choice of working towards the Caritas Award, the SQA Beliefs and Values Award and the Saltire Award.

The Catholic School: A Faith Community

The Catholic School shares with Home and Parish the responsibility of communicating the message of Jesus Christ.

“I really enjoyed the R.M.P.S course this year. It was very interesting.

The course is split into three sections:

  1. A world religion (we did Christianity)
  2. Belief and Science
  3. Morality (we did Crime and Punishment)

The section I found most interesting was Crime and Punishment. It raised some difficult questions based on the justice system, such as, is the death penalty right or wrong?

The higher R.M.P.S.  is hard work, but if you have done English in the past, it will help your skills.

The teachers are very helpful and I was given lots of useful revision material to help me.

I would highly recommend the course, as I feel it is a unique course, which is something different. Not every school does Higher R.M.P.S., so it’s a great opportunity for St. David’s students.”

Amy Davidson S6.

The mission of the Catholic School:

Proclaims the Gospel message and invites all to respond in a positive way.
Integrates the faith and values of Christ with daily living.
Celebrates its shared faith through prayer and sacrament.
Undertakes learning and teaching to make all aware of the nature of their faith
Promotes a community of faith for the mutual benefit of its members.