National 3/4 Science


Fragile Earth, Human Health, Applications of Science, Science Assignment (National 4 only) 

What skills we be developed?

  • application of knowledge and understanding of science
  • an understanding of science’s role in scientific issues and relevant applications of science in society and the environment
  • scientific inquiry and investigative skills
  • scientific analytical thinking skills in a science context
  • the use of technology, equipment and materials safely in practical scientific activities
  • problem solving skills in a science context
  • use and understand scientific literacy in everyday contexts to communicate ideas and issues
  • the knowledge and skills for more advanced learning in sciences

To gain National 3/4, learners must pass all Units (and the Assignment for National 4)

Units are assessed as pass or fail by the school/centre (following SQA external quality assurance to meet national standards)

The Added Value Unit (Assignment) will require learners to research a topical physics issue during approximately 8 hours of class time. Findings will be written up in timed conditions (up to two hours).