St David High School has three Heads of House i.e.

Mrs Gardiner-Andrew House

Mr Martin- Columba House

Mr McKenzie-Kentigern House

The Heads of House have a pastoral remit for their assigned pupils within their house and teach all of the pupils Personal & Social Education one period per week covering the Health & Wellbeing experiences and outcomes.

The Heads of House have links with outside agencies that support young people and their families i.e. Child and Families, Social Work, CAMHS, Life Long Learning and Employability etc.

In school we work cooperatively with Mrs Jackson, Principal Teacher Inclusion, to form the Pupil Support Team, and liaise on a day today basis to ensure that we are getting it right for every child.

The Heads of House also work cooperatively with their Pupil Support Assistants i.e.

  • Mrs Smith- Andrew
  • Mrs Gray- Columba
  • Mrs Reid/Mrs Henderson-Kentigern

and the two Depute Head Teachers Mrs Williamson for all pupils in Broad General Education and Mrs Lewis for all students in the Senior Phase.

The Heads of House are the first point of contact for parents and they can be contacted through the school website address or directly with the House Pupils Support Assistant on 0131 654 4702.