Computing Science


S1-S3 Broad General Education


The course is made up of work covering:


Internet Safety, Web Design and Implementation, Game Creation,

Graphics, Animation (Pivot), Video Editing, Computer Systems,

Synthesised Sound, 3D Virtual Environments, Animation (Flash), Advanced Game Creation, Digital Sound.


Senior Phase S4, 5 & 6


Computing Science


This course is offered at four levels National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Grade


The course is made up of work at all levels, covering:


  • Information Systems Design and Development
  • Pupils learn to create at least two Information systems using Microsoft Access and Web Authoring software.
  • Software Design and Development
  • Pupils develop their programming skills creating  software in Notepad ++ and True Basic using Notepad, Notepad ++, HTML and Javascript.
  • Scratch Programming including a Team Games Development task.


National 4 candidates complete an Added Value Unit where these skills are implemented.  There is no final exam.


National 5 candidates complete an Assignment, this is worth 50/160 (31.25%) of their final exam mark.

National 5 candidates also sit a final exam consisting of a written paper worth 110/160 marks (68.75%) of their overall grade.          


Higher candidates complete an internal Assignment that is worth 40% of their final mark and an exam paper which accounts for the remaining 60%.


Advanced Higher Computing Science candidates must complete:

Component 1 - project

The purpose of the project is to assess practical application of knowledge and skills from across the course applied to a meaningful task to develop a solution to an appropriately challenging and complex computing science problem. 

The assignment will be worth 90 marks (60% of the total mark).

Component 2 — question paper

The purpose of the question paper is to assess breadth of knowledge from across the Course, depth of understanding, and application of this knowledge and understanding to answer appropriately challenging questions

The question paper will have 60 marks (40% of the total mark) and consist of structured and extended response questions.


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