Our Vision and Values

St David's High School aims to develop to the full the educational potential of all of our pupils and to provide opportunities for their spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional wellbeing and social development within the context of a welcoming, caring Christian community.

We aim in our relationships to show the highest level of care and compassion for one another based on mutual respect and support. We believe in getting it right for every child in an environment underpinned by Gospel values where everyone is treated fairly and with respect. 

We aim to help all our students achieve their full potential in all aspects of their development – academic, personal and spiritual by being aspirational in all aspects of school life. We aim to deliver high standards of effective learning and teaching, in a supportive and nourishing environment to enable all pupils to develop positive attitudes towards learning, achieve their full potential, develop self worth and build the resilience and self awareness required for life.

We will continue to strengthen partnerships with school, home, parish and communities both local and global. We will celebrate and give thanks for each other, especially in prayer and in the Eucharist throughout the school and church year with the strong support of the St David’s Deanery and our school Chaplaincy Team.


Our school values are rooted firmly in Gospel Values and our ambitious aims for all of our pupils.

ASPIRE at St David’s.

Achievement – we celebrate the hard work and determination needed for success

Service – we seek opportunities to help and support others

Perseverance – we always push ourselves to do our best

Inclusion – we believe that everyone has an important part to play in our community

Respect – we always treat others the way we would like to be treated

Excellence – we will strive for the best for ourselves and others


The Charter for Catholic Education, produced by the Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES) can be viewed on their website  www.sces.uk.com